2021 has come to an end. It was a difficult year for the development of Bella Muerte because each member of the team have external work to do, and that takes a lot of time we can’t use on our game. Despite all this, Bella Muerte is slowly progressing.

¿What do we do this year?

First of all, we completed and polish all the stuff that was left of Chapter 2. More audio, music, and images were added. New features were also included (like a new collectible) and the map has more functions that make the exploration more enjoyable.
The most difficult part was the voice recording. It took a while to organize the meetings (due to covid and external responsibilities).

Our goal last year was to release it in October, for the Halloween season, but we have a little inconvenience. Only four lines were badly recorded and we can’t arrange a meeting before the date. We didn’t want to release the chapter with missing audio, so we decided to wait longer. Hope to see the new update soon.

The translation was the focus of the last months of the year. Not only did we translate the whole chapter 2, but also we correct and rewrite the prologue and chapter one. In the next update, the dialogues will change.

By the time we polish chapter 2, we also continue with the structure (and new illustrations) of chapters 3,4, 5, and 6. These are not completed, but some parts are functional (not with the final script).

¿What’s next?

At this time, we only have to record a short list of dialogues to properly finish chapter 2.
The demo will be updated soon with the whole chapter.

This year we had to rethink some elements of the development. The game was bigger than we expected and, because of the time we have, it will take years to complete. At this time, we are talking with our team about the possibilities of cutting moments that are not an essential part of the story (so we can complete the whole adventure in a shorter time).

¿What do you think about the game?
All your feedback help us a lot, not only for making a better experience but also for motivation. We think that in long projects is really important.

Thanks for reading. We wish you a happy 2022!

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