Hi! Are you looking for something scary to play this Halloween? If you have not tried the demo of Bella Muerte yet, we invite you to experience it.

More than 400 people have already played it and it makes us very happy.

If you have already played the demo, today we want to show you new stuff that we have been working on these last months.

Based on your feedback, we refine the experience to make it more accessible. We slightly modified the UI and tried to improve the perception of movement in a room. Now the cursor will change its image at the side of the screen (when it’s possible to change the perspective).

More than ten rooms were designed and coded, each one with its interactable objects and characters to talk with. You will explore these new rooms in Chapter 2.

At this time, we are also correcting the English translation.

You’ll be able to explore the first floor in Chapter 2, so we’ve added a map that will make it easier to find your location in the house. It’s not going to be available from the beginning, you will have to find it.
The map will mark your current location, the side you are looking at, whether the doors are open or closed, and the name of each room.
We may add new features to the map in the future.

Which other features are important to you? Leave a comment below!

Last but not least, we show you new screenshots from Chapter 2. We hope you like them.

All of this will arrive in a future update when the second chapter is ready. We don’t have an estimated date yet. We hope it will be soon.

Thank you so much for reading! Happy Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ

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