It was a fantastic year, full of learning and surprises. In January we started pitching the idea for a new game and now, one year later, we have a full game in development with a lot of features (and more in the way). The project has been expanded in comparison to the original idea, it’s bigger and more complex.

Last months we focused on applying all the voice lines to the prologue and chapter one.

The development of chapter 3 has been started. The game is longer now, so we implemented the save system with two different options to chose:

CASUAL: Don’t worry. The game is responsible for saving your progress every time you change to another room. Just enjoy the moment.

EXPLORER: Feel the true power of the house. You can only save by finding a bed. Remember every corner, or you won’t be able to escape.

Lots of bugs were fixed and also, we enchanted the experience for the player. New settings are available on the main menu, letting the player change the language, adding/removing character voices and changing the save mode.

More sounds and music are being made. Our composer is giving his best on representing the emotions and feelings of every situation via the sound. We are going to use an adaptative soundtrack in specific moments, adding and removing instruments.

In 2020, the development is going to continue. We hope to upload the first demo as soon as we can. The comments and reactions are very important for the team, and they help us in creating the best game possible.

¡Happy holidays to everyone!

See you next year with more news about Bella Muerte 🎉🔜

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