Welcome back to our Game development Diary!
We are filled with news to tell you about Bella Muerte (yes! It’s the official title of project “the house”).

Sadly, we can’t apply for the Expoeva (there were only 17 games selected from around 70 studios). Despite this, we focused on reaching the same goals and planned other ways to get feedback.

We polish and added new scenes to the first chapter, including Erica’s room, where the player can learn about his backstory.
Some scenes from the second chapter are in the way too, with the interactible objects and dialogues. Before the end of 2019, our plan is to complete this chapter. 🔜

Now there is a new way to play Bella Muerte. We added joystick support to the full game. Maybe, in the future, there is a chance to also release it on consoles. 🎮

The characters are more alive than ever. We created a script that matches the mouth movement with the words in the dialogue. Also, we recorded all the voices from every scene we developed so far. 🎙️👄

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates!

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