Hello everyone! We are back, posting a new update about Project “The House” development.

The M151 Games team is working hard and with all his passion for creating this game.

Our first big goal was to get all the prologue completed, with full audio, music, image and programming. We are happy to announce that we achieve it! The prologue is 100% completed and soon we will show it to all of you.

For now, we are working on chapters 1 and 2. Our new goal is to complete, at least, the first one and exhibit it next to the prologue in the ExpoEva 2019 (in Argentina). If the development goes fast, we will also show the second chapter in the expo. We are anxious to see the first impressions of the game!

We are finishing some rooms In the first chapter, this includes The main hall, some hallways, a cleaning room, the kitchen and more (its a surprise 🤫).

You are going to have a lot of exploration in this chapter and maybe, you come across with someone…

Soon we will tell you more details about the story. Also the definitive name of the game 😱.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates!

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Instagram: @M151Games

Also, you can contact us at


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