Hello everyone! This is our first post on the Game Development Diary about Project “The House”.

February and March were really great months for our game. A lot of progress was made constantly. We focused on the main mechanics, the design and the first scenes (continuing what we started in January). Also, we define the art style and leave some time for experimentation.


We focused a lot of time on creating and perfecting the main mechanics of the game. This includes the camera/player movement, the different interactions with the environment, the dialogues and the inventory system (including the UI).


After testing some mechanics, we finished the prototype of all the main scenes from the prologue and a half of the first chapter.

During the next month, our goal is to complete all the prologue with the art style and a few sounds. Also, we plan to continue adding scenes up to the third chapter.

Art Style:

At first, our artist prepared the esthetics of the game. She defined how the characters look like, creating the whole Pérez family. Later, she created the art style of the first scenes from the prologue and a few of chapter one.


We researched and found some possible options for exporting After Effects animations into Unity.


We listen to a lot of music from movies, series, and videogames with our composer. He started experimenting and creating the main theme of the game with multiple versions (one for thriller/exploration and another for horror moments). Also, we recorded the first sounds for the ambiance, including some related to the interaction with doors and keys.

We plan to add more music and sounds to the majority of the scenes from the prologue and chapter one in the next month.


When the game was in a good state, we decided to open an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It was really important for us to present the game as soon as we can and get the people more involved during the development.

The social network accounts were completed, with a redesign of the M151 Games logo. Later, we posted a short teaser.

We planned with our artist to officially present the game with a family photo. She focuses on creating each member of the Pérez family for this presentation.

On 09/3 we posted the image, revealing Project “The House” for the first time. We are very happy with the results.

From that moment, we focused on constantly showing the progress of the game by posting different

images and videos.

Project “The House” is growing every day, our goal is to bring you an interesting and immersive story to play. We are going to continue working in the next few months to bring this game to life in the best way possible.

For more frequent updates, please take a look at our Social Networks:

Facebook: @M151Games

Twitter: @M151Games

Instagram: @M151Games

Also, you can contact us at


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