Hello everyone! Welcome to our new blog. 

We are going to post an update every month to keep you up to date with all the news and progress of our new game.

As regards to this, we are very proud to present our game officially for the first time. At this day, we are calling it: Project “The House” and it’s going to be a thriller/horror graphic adventure for Android and PC (we are open to expand the number of platforms later).

In this game, you are going to explore the house of the Pérez family, trying to escape and discovering what’s going on with each member of this ghostly family. Some are more friendly than others…

The house is haunted, with tons of mysteries and puzzles to solve.

Every decision matters! Depending on your choices during the game, some things will be different (especially the end).

Thank you for your interest in our game! We hope you like it.
Stay around for more updates and information.
For more frequent updates, please take a look at our Social Networks:
Facebook: @M151Games

Twitter: @M151Games

Instagram: @M151Games

Also, you can contact us at

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